Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another wonderful week with pounds lost and lessons learned.

The pounds are coming off slowly which I keep hearing is the way they are suppose to come off so okay I will relax and let it happen. Down 6 pounds which is so much better then being up 6 pounds or not losing any at all. I'm making better eating choices and exercising each day in some fashion and that is working for me slowly, yet working all the same.

A great lesson I learned this last week deals with not letting others steal my joy, dampen my dreams or affect my attitude. How many times do we as a people let this happen? Someone cuts us off on our way to work and we get all mad letting it set the tone of our whole day. How many times do we let someone else's rudeness cause us to be rude in return? How many times do we let anything negative pull us in that direction?

As I pondered these thoughts it occurred to me that I can be a change agent. I can smile and make eye contact, I can let the car in, I can offer a sincere "have a good day" to the person who is rude, I can take a moment or a minute to bring joy to someone else's life. I can go about doing good and who knows it might actually help change the joy factor in someone else's life.

The best part of all is that I am the one who will be blessed as I have no doubt that by doing little acts of kindness I am the one who will be filled with joy!

So what do you say, lets all be the change agent, lets make our little part of the planet a better place filled with smiles and joy.


  1. I'm with you, often letting cars cut in front of me and when i driving and not thinking ahead, what do you know, someone always lets me cut in! the pay back of being kind is great!

  2. Sounds like a good plan to me. I can be a change agent here for sure. I do struggle with fitting in with some of the girls in my ward. I have let them effect me long enough. I have learned that I just need to stay away. THey are negative and my spirit does not like being there. So, I have to try to be a change agent around them and just remember to smile no matter how I feel around them. Thanks for the post.

  3. Debbie and Deb This is the truth good always has its rewards. And Janice you've got the right idea a sincere smile a friendly hello can surely go a long way and it makes you feel good. love you all.

  4. This is especially for you sweet Debbie, I can see you are loosing keep up the good work and your gold will come to pass. I love you , Mom