Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Night Before My Weight Loss Journey Begins

So for the past week I have been gearing up to do this, to get this extra 30 pounds I have been carrying around gone. It's always nice to have a reason and my dad's big 75th birthday in October is it for me. All of the family from around the country will be there and I do not want anyone saying......boy, she got fat.

Now I have lots of wonderful things going for me, I am healthy, happily married and have a wonderful family, (now I didn't say perfect...just wonderful). I have great friends, a job I love, a testimony of where I came from and where I want to go, I try to keep the eternal perspective though the day to day living sometimes crowds in. For the most part I am a very positive person who wants the best for myself and actually every one of God's childern and we're all God's children so please everyone be happy :).

I will update this blog daily with thoughts and how the daily battle of eating and exercising is going. I see this journey to lose the 30 pounds as only one part of what it is I am trying to accomplish. My greatest desire is that when I leave this earth, I will have lived a full life, that all I came in contact with are a little better because of it and that I will be welcomed home with the words, "job well done".