Sunday, July 19, 2009

What manner of Woman am I

There are so many additional questions and answers to the above question.

What manner of wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, employee, neighbor, citizen, follower and example of the above am I.

Am I good wife, do I cherish my husband and our eternal marriage daily or only when things are as I want them to be, when all is going right?
Am I a mother only to Michael, Nikki, Kirsti, Rich and Tim or to all of the children I am in contact with and do I mother with love unconditionally, do I follow the spirit and my heart?
Am I a granmother only to Landon, Annika, Mikey, Brody, Kloe, Dega and the newest grandbaby who will be here in August or to all of the little one I come in contact with and am I a good example to them?
Am I a good daughter,loving and honoring my parents?
Am I a good sister there to help my siblings, love them, encourage them, a sister they know they can count on?
Am I a good friend ,do my friends ever question that?
Am I a good employee, giving 100% each and everyday I work?
Am I a good neighbor to all, do I know my neighbors, do they know me?
Am I a good citizen, taking an interest in what is going on in my city, state, country?
Am I a good follower of my Savior's example and in,(Do onto other's as you would have them do onto you), do I live that way, does it show?

As I think of these questions I am at first grief stricken in realizing that in many areas I fall short. I want to be, I try to be though put all together it seems an overwhelming task. There are many areas I excel in and many areas I struggle in though I think this is the human condition.

I am realzing that if in any of these areas I am filled with charity, selflessness and desire to do good I am able to accomplish good. That if I take each area as it comes with love in my heart I can be, (The Manner of Woman), I hope to be.

The more I realize that if I but make a small difference for good in any of the above areas the task is not daunting and my heart swells with joy. To know the Spirit is always there to help me if I will listen makes fullfilling all of who I am and want to be possible. To know that its the little things that matter most not the one time grand things it all seem that much more possible.

To smile, to listen, to be kind, to be present, not too busy, cry with, laugh with, hug, reach out and many, many more small things, doable things.
These are the things I strive for on a daily basis with prayer and the Spirit that help me to be, (The Manner of Woman), I hope and pray to be.

What Manner of Woman or Man are you?

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