Sunday, September 13, 2009

How different would our world be if

If we were loving and kind in our families, if we spoke to each other in a loving tone, if we showed that we wanted only the best for each family member, if we gave each other more smiles,if we gave each other more hugs, if we understood that everything starts within the family.

This is where we learn to view our world, where our frame of reference comes from. This is where we learn love, hate, pain, joy, happiness, fear, judgement, self worth, kindness, serving, hope, and many many additional things that then we take out into the world with us each and everyday.

Each of us passes forward where we are in our hearts. We smile or frown at others, we make eye contact or turn away, we reach out or push away, and we affect everyone.

Just think what our world would be like if we could step outside ourselves and not be reactive to everything going on around us. If we could speak with kindness in our voices, if we would give benefit of the doubt, if we would just smile more often to all who we come in contact with. If we would but remember the Golden Rule and take it one step further. (Do unto others as they would have us do unto them), I know it sounds strange but think about it for a minute.

We are all our own unique selves with our own personalities, likes, dislikes, backgrounds, frame of references, etc. What that says to me is that if I, (Do unto others as I would have them do unto me), I might just be missing the boat.

For example, I am a morning person and can be up and ready to go in an instant while others like to slowly start their day. This can cause a problem when there are numerous family members/friends spending time together. Just because I want to be up early and going pronto, its not fair for me to expect that of others.

Just think how different our world would be if we demonstrated what we learned as children in our homes.

Be kind to each other, help one another, smile, say please and thank you, speak to each other with a nice tone, share in each other's joy and pain and to always remember our world is what we make of it and that we leave a bit of ourselves with each person we come in contact with........leave the good part and think how different our world would be.

Looking forward to your smile next time we meet.