Monday, November 16, 2009

A Commercial Free Christmas

Christmas is six weeks away and the stress is starting to set in and while this is one of my favorite holidays, I love the reason for the season, the decorations, the songs, the attitudes and giving spirit everyone has during this time of year the thought of staying in budget and getting the perfect gifts actually puts a cloud over the holiday for me.

This year I am declaring a commercial free Christmas. I will be doing all I can to enjoy the spirit and not get caught up in the shopping frenzy. I will think of creative gift giving that will come from the heart and not just a gift because its Christmas. My hope is that by taking this approach I will enjoy the season and be delightful throughout it as being delightful is one of my life goals.

I will bake, sew, (could be scary), write, and whatever else I can think of, doing all I can to spend as little as possible and focusing on the reason for the season. My fear and hope is that my family and friends will get it and embrace the concept.

My world is filled with too many choices, too much stimuli, too much multi-tasking. (Cell phones,TV,ipods,Internet,blogging,face book,web meetings,schedules filled from the time I get up until the time I go to bed just to name a few. Right now I am watching Heroes and on the Internet. I'm at the point where I get antsy if I have any down time as it is so foreign to me. To quiet my mind and just be seems like a luxury to me and not one I am comfortable with.

What can I give up to slow my life, the idea of most modern things sounds great in theory. I shall mull this over thinking that maybe I can start slow, one thing at a time and see how it goes. My Commercial free Christmas will be my start.......I'll let you know how it goes.

If any of you have suggestions for me I welcome them!

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